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The Eat To Keep Fit Diet eBook is a nutrition guide, meal planner, and recipe book, all in one! The nutrition information found in this book is based on clean eating, limited sugar intake , quality proteins, good fats, and nutrient dense foods. The Eat To Keep Fit Diet allows you to enjoy a broad spectrum of delicious foods which contributes to weight management, increased energy levels, and overall wellness.
The ETKF system is appropriate for most body types as it is tailored to meet the needs of those who are trying to lose fat or even gain muscle.

The Eat To Keep Fit Diet eBook includes nutrition education, guidelines, and principles along with meal planning and recipes to assist you with your fitness goals. The Eat To Keep Fit Diet will help you reach your target weight through an approach that is natural, realistic, and sustainable, and it accommodates the schedules of busy adults!

The eBook includes the following topics and information:

Nutrition Principles General Nutri tion Guidelines for Weight Loss
Vegan Nutrition Guidelines for Weight Loss More Tips for Vegans and Vegetarians
General Nutrition Guidelines for Weight and Muscle Gain Portion and Serving Size
Recommended Minimums and Maximum Grocery List
The AimHard® 7-Day Meal Plan for Weight Loss The AimHard® 7-Day Meal Plan for Weight Gain and Muscle
Meal Planning System Breakfast: Meal Planning and Recipes
Lunch: Meal Planning and Recipes Dinner: Meal Planning and Recipes
Salad Dressings Meat, Poultry & Seafood Sauces
Condiments and Add-Ons Snacks
Desserts Beverages
Restaurant Guide Lines Restaurant Meals